Imagine if you could...

  • Join live, streamed events and enter notes - from anywhere
  • Access annotated files minutes after events end
  • Attach text notes to archived audio/video files
  • Automatically synchronize notes and video
  • Search audio/video and notes within and across files
  • Click on notes and jump instantly to related video
  • Maintain notes permanently in archived files
  • And easily organize and manage access to your media archive

You can.

Our user friendly, server-based software system integrates interactive live streaming, phonetic and text search, and a collaborative annotation tool to give you superior access to, and use of, your audio/video.

[n]LITEN lets you find and extract desired portions from hours of audio/video quickly and easily, add notes to the files, search the notes as well as the media, collaborate with colleagues and build community among customers and constituents. With the built-in TICNotes collaboration tool you can enter, organize, search, archive and play back notes in a virtual real-time discussion, regardless of when notes are posted. And you can click from notes right to the related video. The phonetic search engine finds desired content and arrays results by relevance for instant click and play.